ISBN 1-84360-985-1
July 2004
Elloras’s Cave Publications
Genre: Historical/Paranormal

Sunlit by Leda Swan is an excellent book.  “Go out and buy it now!”  Ms Swan should be
proud of her first Ellora’s Cave publication.

Sunlit begins with the heroine, Shannon Selkirk, dreaming of a mysterious being who
transforms from a sleek seal to a gorgeous man who makes love to her in her dreams.  
The hero is a very handsome “Selkie” who has been calling for his true mate when
Shannon answers him.  

Sunlit moves quickly and smoothly from the islands of Scotland to the ballrooms of
London.  The storyline keeps readers involved with the couple as they adjust to their
growing love and work to overcome the obstacles to their future.

Sunlit’s secondary characters support the story without taking over, and the dialogue is
scene appropriate with only a few slips in dialect.  I was very impressed with the way
Ms. Swan used a stepmother in a new and different manner.  

I was afraid Sunlit would be a superficial quickie, and I was thrilled to be wrong.  While
the story is busy, it is a rich and full historical-paranormal-romance.  Sunlit is not as racy
as most Ellora’s Cave books, but is definitely a wonderful read.

As soon as I finished Sunlit my first thought was “Wow that was a great book.” Not only
am I keeping this one, I am re-reading it tonight!

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books and
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance