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ISBN: 9781605920245
February 2009
Noble Romance
97 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Rand Wise is a wizard and once again is sitting back while one of his best friends gets married. It is not that he is unhappy for his friend, just that why does it seem like the saying, “Nice guys finish last” is happening to him?

Brenna Thorne may be pretty, a would-be witch with curves in all the right places, but her girl- next-door look brings feelings of brotherly love more than unquenchable feelings of lust. She needs to feel the burn of passion in her blood and have her body singing after an intense workout of sex, and she decides she must become a bad girl to get what she wants.

Rand notices his new neighbor right away and opts to come across as a bad boy lover instead of the good guy he really is. Brenna saw Rand the night before when he was pacing his kitchen in the nude. Determined to get that feeling of fulfillment, she chooses to wash the car with a skimpy outfit that may just suddenly turn transparent. Will Rand and Brenna find themselves falling for each other, and will it be who they really are or just the make-believe personality they have created?

Ms. Valentine has written a cute and funny story with a great moral in it: be happy with who you truly are because there is someone out there waiting for you. Sunday’s Child-The Wise Guy pits a clumsy but funny Brenna against Rand, a friendly and good-guy type who is sick of always being on the sidelines. Meanwhile, both Rand and Brenna’s friends are watching out for them in a way that will have you gasping in shock. With some very interesting characters and even a hint of danger, this is a good story to read.

Caution: This contains scenes of anal play, anal sex, and is a red-hot romance!

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