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ISBN: Unavailable
August 2008
Wicked Women of Color Press
521 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Gia Kessler is a history major in college. Her good girl image is not a fabrication. She has a great family, an excellent GPA, and a nice (if somewhat) lacking boyfriend. She does not need or want complications in her life.

Cameron Flynn is finishing up his last college courses before heading off to the west coast. His dreams of directing and producing his own film are within his reach. The years of hard work and longer hours are finally paying off.

Gia is disgusted with Flynn, the consummate slacker in her opinion. He is her Psych partner, and she just knows that the brunt of the work will be left up to her. The way he dozes off in class, and his lackadaisical attitude infuriate her. Flynn has put up with Gia’s snippy mouth and her rolling eyes for the last time. He is determined to shut her up, and with the way she checks him out, he knows just how to do it. The sexual attraction simmering just below the surface erupts with volatility when Flynn forces Gia to submit to her desires. Gia never guessed that underneath the lazy laid-back arrogance was a powerhouse of a man. She found his dominating presence to be both exhilarating and scary. Flynn had never before given in to the loss of control like he does with Gia. She pushes every one of his buttons, and he aches for more. However, love and relationships have no place in his life, and he is determined to keep it that way.

I began to have trepidations about reading this book when Flynn forced Gia to submit to him. However, the tables quickly turn when you get a feel for the real Flynn. His emotions are laid bare, and the reader cannot help but ache for him throughout the story. Ms. Bennett puts her characters through emotional extremes that will leave her readers just as raddled. The love scenes are as intense as the fights, and both are fabulously detailed. I have to say this is an excellent read, and the interracial component of the story is beautifully captured and well written.

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