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ISBN# 978-1-934912-06-5
September 2008
Black Lyon Publishing
PO Box 567 Baker City, OR 97814
E-book/ paperback
$6.00 / $12.95
165 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Marlo Saunders needs to protect her son. With the help of the FBI, she is running from a terrifying past. Starting a new life in Trenton, Maine, Marlo and Gabe soon find peace and friendship amongst its inhabitants, especially the town’s chief of police, Brent O’Neill. Marlo likes Brent, but knows if he finds out about her past, or more specifically about her ex-husband, she will have to leave Trenton. Nobody would want a relationship with her if they knew what she had done.

Brent O’Neill knows from the first time he sees them there is something special about Marlo and Gabe. He also knows she is hiding something big that has frightened and hurt both her and the boy. Realizing that the only way to build a relationship with her is to be patient, using Gabe’s friendship with his nephew, Brent arranges for Marlo to spend time with his sisters. Quietly bullying her into family days out and then a date, Brent starts to build the trust and love he knows Marlo has never known.

Leaving an abusive relationship is hard; testifying against your husband and being relocated by the FBI is frightening for anyone. To do all that with a small son is bravery at its highest. Marlo does not think of herself as brave; she fears people will blame her or hold her responsible for her ex-husband’s crimes. Not wanting to betray what little trust he has managed to build, Brent decides it is best not to investigate her past through his police contacts; he hopes with time she will tell him about her past.

Abuse is a difficult and sensitive subject. Ms Brett has approached the subject with accuracy and sympathy. The actions and fears shown by Marlo and Gabe are typical of those leaving an abusive atmosphere. Both characters develop as they build trust, but Marlo’s fear is never far from the surface. Ms. Brett has written an exciting story that kept this reader enthralled from start to finish.

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