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ISBN: 978-1-60394-247-8
November 2008
New Concepts Publishing
159 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The newly married Laurie Crawford McAllister could not be more confused. Their life should be all sunshine and happiness, but the nightmare of terrorists and war has left its scars on both of them.

Damien made the choice to leave the Seals and resume his life as a civilian. In his opinion Navy Seals and family do not mix, and he has the ex-wife and children to prove it.

Laurie has everything she could have dreamed of, a strong and courageous husband, a sweet darling daughter, and a baby on the way, so why does it feel like it is all falling apart? The frequency and violence of Damien’s nightmares are intensifying, and are now bleeding into his waking hours. Laurie is as much afraid for his sanity as she is for her and her daughter’s safety, but what choice does she have? He is her life, her lover, and her soul mate, but if something does not change, he could very well be her executioner.

Finally we have an author who does not marry off her main characters, and expect us to believe in the ‘Happily ever after’ fairytale ending. I find it so refreshing to read about a couple that actually struggles with everyday issues, and does not gloss over or ignore the pain of depression and PTSD. Laurie and Damien are human and inherently flawed, but fight to overcome their weaknesses and pay dearly for their mistakes. The only criticism I have is a personal issue with Laurie’s drinking and smoking. However this book does stand out and make you take notice; it is exciting, sexy, and REAL.

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