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ISBN#: 987-1-59426-811-3
May 2008
228 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The rebel leader, Tyereen, is determined to stop Emperor Carnis, preferably with the Emperor’s death. The last of a race of Shape-shifters, Tyereen uses his abilities to kidnap the Emperor’s future wife. He soon realizes it is more than his wish to protect that keeps him close to her.

Star has been trained her entire life to be the Emperor’s wife. She is not allowed to speak or even eat in-front of people without the Emperor’s permission. Finding herself in the compound of the group of rebels is at first very frightening, but Tyereen is kind and loving, spending much of his time with her.

Tyereen knows there is a traitor in their group, but as yet has been unable to trace the danger. Someone is targeting Star, giving her injections to enhance a dormant DNA, triggering a change in her biology to Krenon, the same race as Tyerenne. When the transformation is complete, a chip will activate compelling Star to return to the Emperor.

Star’s development during the story is amazing; she manages to over-come a lifetime of training, starts to break rules that would have sent her to her death. With the help of Tyereen and the other rebels, a lot of who are ex-slaves of the Emperor, she finds the value of her own life. Tyereen is a strong and independent character, he trusts very few people and to begin with, he struggles with his need to be close to Star. This is an exciting story of the battle for freedom, the characters credibility is partly due to the strength of the secondary characters.

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