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ISBN: 1-59998-854-2
January 4, 2008
Samhain Publishing LTD
276 Pages
Romantic Science Fiction – Futuristic
Rating: 4 Cups

Harrison Fairfax is an ultra-wealthy financier. A new investment opportunity with EarthFed is much more than a business deal. It is the means to an end that has consumed the last seven years of his life.

Captain Trieka Cavendish commands the ship Starchild. Her dedication to EarthFed and her command is her life. Nothing and no one comes between her and her job. The fact that she has no personal life has never really bothered her, until now.

Fairfax is sure that EarthFed had something to do with his wife’s disappearance seven years ago. He finally has the opportunity to prove it, while onboard Starchild in route to Denahault. His only hope is that Cavendish is not involved in the treachery. It has been a long time since he wanted a woman like he wants Cavendish. Trieka is a bit stunned by her attraction to Fairfax. She quickly finds herself in a very unlikely scenario; fighting for a man whom she feels very deeply for, or doing her duty as a captain. In a race across space and an alien planet, Cavendish and Fairfax find that murder is just the tip of the iceberg. As the layers of corruption are revealed, the survival of an alien race must take precedence. Even if it means giving up the one you love.

This story fulfills everything you could want in romantic sci-fi. Ms. Knights’ characters are expertly developed. Her wonderful storytelling puts the reader right there with them. She gives her characters a real depth of feeling, even those not of this world. Trieka and Harrison are two very dominant personalities, and their conflicts enrich the story with a much more realistic feel. I very much enjoyed Starchild, and eagerly anticipate Earthchild.

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