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ISBN#: 1-59998-884-4
March 2008
Samhain Publishing
198 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Grace Pellini has been without a pack since her brother was outlawed and her family cast out with him. Although her expulsion was unfair, since her family treated her much as the Pack treated her brother, she devoted herself to her studies and became an emergency room doctor.

Cade Warden is the Alpha of the Cascadia Pack and one of the most powerful wolves in the county. He has just declared war on Warren Pellini and his werewolf mafia, along with most of the other packs in the country. He is desperately lonely, but his search for a mate will have to wait.

Grace Pellini despises her brother and his evil plans. She infiltrates his organization and escapes with essential information needed to stop him from creating his own werewolf army. While delivering her information, she meets her mate, her brother’s sworn enemy, Cade Warden. Despite what she has risked, it seems that she has no friends on either side, and at times, that her new husband cares nothing for her opinion.

I have enjoyed this series from the very beginning and I think that this is the best one yet. Cade has always been one of my favorite characters. Who would not love a big sexy alpha wolf who bakes cookies when he is worried? Grace is his perfect counterpart, little and quiet, but intelligent and much tougher than anyone gives her credit for. She does not let anyone use her for a doormat, and I love how she handles the sometimes obnoxious Nina. I enjoyed reading more about the characters from previous books. The plot is full of intrigue and action due to the war. Cade and Grace are one hot couple and their fiery relationship will keep you riveted while you stay on the edge of your seat wondering who would triumph in the war.

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