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ISBN: 0-446-50584-6
April 2009
Forever Hatchette Book Group, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

After centuries of living and multiple near-death experiences, Thierry de Bennicoeur is finally finding life worth living. His cold and emotionless exterior is slowing thawing with the help of a certain beautiful young fledgling.

Sarah Dearly, vampiress extraordinaire? Not hardly, but she is trying really, really hard to feel normal despite her newfound existence.

Life as a vampire may not be what Sarah envisioned for her future, but with Thierry by her side, she feels confident that normality is possible. However this confidence is sorely shaken. Time and time again she is certain that the worst is behind her only to be blindsided at every turn. She may have finally found herself in a situation that even a master vampire cannot help her out of.

How many times do we find ourselves suffering the effects of foot-in-mouth-disease? Hopefully not as severely as poor Sarah, but she handles it all with the goofy sarcastic wit that we have come to love. Her life is bi-polar in the extreme and makes for a rollercoaster ride of excitement for the reader. You will be swept up in her emotional tilt-a-whirl from page one, and be begging for the next ride to begin.

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