ISBN# 1-59279-376-2
June 2005
Amber Quill Press
29 Pages
Historical Erotica

Faith Dempsey decides to support the war effort after the death of her brothers by
becoming a laundress and helping a doctor. Her world changes when she is rescued by
Capt Jake Braddock, the Company’s acting commander, from an attempted rape.
Alone in the world, and seeing the terrible effect of war, the loving touch of Jake soothes
her like nothing else. But when Capt Braddock is done with her, will her heart survive?

Capt Jake Braddock assumed command after the death of his fearless but incompetent
commander. While trying to help the woman he rescued recover from the shock, he
begins to care for her not realizing the damage to their reputations. During the night he
realizes that her honesty and kindness is what he needs to help him survive the brutality
of the time.  

Two people who meet during the aftermath of a horrible battle, turn to each other in this
time of crisis. Their feelings draw them together, and the sexual desire that develops
provides comfort through the night. When daylight comes, will they remain as honest as
they were during the night, or will the stresses of the battle keep them apart?  

Spoils of War is a sweet romance that demonstrates the joy of finding love in times in
horror, in this case a war. I love how accurately Ms Peterson describes the support
needed for a successful army. I especially enjoyed the touching emotions they convey
as they fight for their respect and desire to grow. The sex, while sizzling, is a good
demonstration of the need for love the couple experiences. While a very quick novel,
Spoils of War puts together an excellent plot, a touching love story with great sex,
resulting in an excellent short story that I am happy to recommend.  

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance