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ISBN# Unavailable
February 1, 2007
Aphrodite’s Apples
276 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Elena is just about to finish school when she meets Sam. She thinks that he likes her, but at first she is too wrapped up in her relationship with her best friend Jessica and the ending of school to do much about it. However, when Elena decides to live and work in Ireland for a year, she stays in touch with Sam. Not long after, Sam comes to visit and they fall in love.

Sam is a friend of a friend’s boyfriend, and that is how he meets Elena. Sam likes Elena from the very beginning, but is shy about saying so. He finally gets up the courage to go and meet Elena in Ireland and do something about the way he feels.

When Sam is killed just before Elena’s plane lands in Australia, Elena’s world falls apart. Unable to cope with the loss of the man she has come to think of as hers, Elena takes the path of self-destruction, even going so far as to betray the ones who love her and have been trying to help her cope.

Spiral is a highly emotional coming of age novel. It is filled with descriptions of what true love is, both platonic and romantic. Ms. Watson pens a tale of despair, as well as love and what it can be like to experience loss. At times incredibly dark, I found myself with tears of commiseration running down my face for Elena’s pain, while at other times I wished she was right in front of me so I could smack her for some of the stupid decisions she was making. Spiral reads like a memoir, even though it is written in the third person, which made it very engaging. I look forward to reading more by this new author.

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