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ISBN# E book 978-1-60394-119-8 Trade Paperback # 978-1-60394-115-6
December 2007
New Concepts Publishing
4729 Humphreys Rd. Lake Park, GA 31636
E-book and Trade paperback
E-book $5.50 Trade paperback $8.79
123 pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lady Josselyn Craven has witnessed the end of her family; the only thing left for her is to die with honor. But death is not in the cards for her, at least not in the way she suspects. She is frozen like a statue carved in a block of stone; unaware of the passage of time or that she is not truly dead.

Evan Cormier is a crew member on the space ship The Conqueror. He with the rest of his fellow crew members discover the answer to a long dead mystery that no one really knew of or cared about. They land on a long dead world frozen in ice, looking for the remnants of a prison colony. What they find shocks them all to their core.

Josselyn wakes to find her self in a time and place that she is longer a part of. With the help of the crew that rescued her will she find a way to exact revenge on the man that betrayed her family? With Evans help, and the strange attraction they find for each other can Josselyn find the life she had been searching for long before the tragedy of her family?

Michelle Pillow shows us the scope of just how far a faction is willing to go to control the out come of a situation. This story is one of misery, death, tragedy and hope. The tale she paints takes you to some very dark places, and then pushes you back up into hope, love and light. Frost Maiden is wonderfully well written, and the story pulls at your heart strings in every way imaginable. I can not wait to read more stories by this author, and hope that her next installment of Space Lords is not to far off.

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