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ISBN#: (10)0-352-34180-7/13)978-0-352-34180-8
August 2008
Virgin Black Lace/Virgin Books Ltd.
Thames Whartf Studios Rainville RoadLondon W6 9HA
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating 3 Cups

Catalina "Cat" Montoya finally has a chance to do undercover field work on a case. The case is against Jack Wheeler, to try and find out what his latest scheme is and catch him. The only problem she has is she has been partnered with Nathan Ames, a co-worker she has been trying to avoid since an office party "incident".

Nathan Ames works for the same company Cat does, yet they have not spoken since the office party where they had made an amazing connection then nothing but silence. He is overjoyed at the thought of being on this case with Cat especially since it is on a "pleasure train".

Nathan and Cat pose as a couple on the train but what they think will be an easy case becomes very enlightening for both. With the help of some passengers and one of the oldest religions, they uncover a murder case that wants to be told; only it is a fifty-year-old murder. Can they solve the murder, catch the bad guy and survive long enough to move beyond their one night stand?

This is an interesting read. It takes you into the strange world of the Voudon religion, which is more than voodoo. Murder and suspense as well as hot sex scenes keep the reader well entertained for the duration. You might want to have something to cool you off when you are done reading this.

Warning: This book has many graphic sex scenes, some BDSM, some F/F, and some ménage.

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