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ISBN#: 978-1-59705-354-9
August 2008
Wings ePress
30 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Kat Hubbard is running away. The heiress has discovered that she was sold by her brother to the over-bred man she thought was marrying her for laughs. Her escape on her yacht leads to even more trouble.

Dean Mickler’s town is dying. Since the closure of the Mother Hubbard factory, people have been moving away to find work. He is determined to find a way for them to stay, and then he will leave with a clear conscience.

A runaway bride finds herself trouble, love and a home in Potter’s Kiln, Georgia. The mayor would like to run away himself, but his overdeveloped sense of responsibility keeps him in the dying town.

This is a very funny story with some very good love scenes. Before you can really settle down to enjoy it, suspend all of your knowledge of how the world and law enforcement work, because Potter’s Kiln is another planet as far as that is concerned. In my world, Basil would be in jail for a long list of crimes with Rooster right next to him, but in this backwater, federal and state laws regarding unlawful imprisonment, falsely reporting an incident, reckless endangerment and the like do not mean much. That aside, this is a tale full of off the wall characters, crazy situations and is in short a lot of fun. Kat and Dean are great characters; Kat is a misfit in a family of corporate sharks and Dean is sane and responsible in a world gone mad. Who would not love a story with a schoolteacher named Pristine Picklesimer in it or a pig who lures unsuspecting chickens to their doom? All this and more is in store for readers of this screamingly funny story.

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