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ISBN# E-book-978-1-59705-272-6/Paperback-978-1-59705-753-0
December 2007
Wings ePress
420 pages
Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance
Rating 4 Cups

Ex-space pirate and part mutant are not the ideal titles to go into a bounty hunter bar with. Elyse does not care what anyone thinks, she knows her time will come by Shaque’s hand, or his by her own. Their battle will come and when it does she will be ready, until then they must work together.

Shaque’s sister, Narissa, was taken by pirates when they were children and he hasn’t seen her since. A photo is given to Elyse, of herself as a child standing with Shaque’s sister, to give to Shaque. As a bounty hunter Shaque, cannot enter the outlaw sector safely and he is not sure he believes everything Elyse has told him. Knowing she is the first link to Narissa, he is teaming up with Elyse whether she likes it or not.

The only thing Shaque and Elyse have ever done together is battle each other. Although she is no longer a wanted pirate, both know that one day they will fight to the death. Finding a need to work together is both surprising and annoying; neither of them knows if they will be able to spend weeks alone without killing each other. When Elyse’s mutant side starts to show and take control it soon becomes apparent that the emotions between them are not necessarily hatred.

While Shaque and Elyse are only together for convenience, it is interesting to watch their relationship develop seeing how quickly they become friends, while they stay true to themselves. Ms. Verdenius is a master at creating a believable world and this latest installment shows her ability to manipulate her characters wherever she wants. They say indifference is the opposite of love, to hate someone you have to have feelings for them. This is the reminder given in this space-age novel in an imaginative and enjoyable way.

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