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ISBN# 97816037005042/ 160370504X
October 2008
Torquere Press- Top Shelf
P.O. Box 2545, Round Rock, Texas 78680
E Book/Print
157 pages
Gay Erotic Romance/Paranormal
Rating: 4 cups

Peter is a man in a precarious position. He is half vampire and half werewolf. He is seen as an equal to Lucien, a vampire and head of the coven, but Nickolas is his mate in wolf form. He loves them both, but the jealousy is getting to be too much. Will he be forced to choose between them, or can he be with both men?

Nickolas and Lucien are two very different men, but they both love Peter. Lucien is a vampire and the head of the coven who tries to keep the supernaturals of the area in check. Nickolas is an alpha wolf who recognizes his mate as Peter, but does not want to share Peter with Lucien. Together, these two men are keeping a secret that could destroy Peter’s love for both of them.

Secrecy abounds. The men are all keeping secrets from their lovers and friends, causing relationships to crumble. Disappearing corpses, werewolves from other packs showing up at the coven’s doorstep, and killings in the community all lead to problems for the men. Even when the secrets are revealed, there are no promises of healing. Love may be the balm that is needed to begin the process.

This book lives up to its title. I felt drawn into the plot from the start. With shapeshifters, vampires, demons, angels and all other things that haunt the night, this is one tale I could not wait to delve into. Though part of a series, this one can stand alone. The conversations between the characters are witty and light hearted, yet serious when it is needed. I applaud Ms. Lane for creating such an amazing paranormal world with a realistic tone.

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