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ISBN# 9780979274169/ 9780979274152
February 2009
Living Beyond Reality Press
E Book/ Trade Paperback
$6.99/ $13.99
239 pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 cups


One night while lying in bed and contemplating the color of the moon, Maggie’s secret lover appears in her mirror. Slipping into James' world via the bedroom mirror, Maggie shares a night to fulfill her fantasies.

The idea of being able to physically step into a different world by slipping through a mirror is interesting and sensual at the same time.

The Poet

Miri Horace is a celebrity blogger who has been granted one of three interviews with a reclusive poet. She never dreamed he would be as beautiful as he is.

A gorgeous man who reads you poetry... enough said!

The Experiment

Stephanie and Jason meet as ‘guinea pigs’ in a laboratory experiment for an aphrodisiac. They need to sit in a room and obey the voice that tells them what to do.

This story has a sexy, almost voyeuristic, feel to it. It is exciting in every sense.

Piero and Gilia

Cousins to the famous lovers, Romeo and Juliet, Piero and Gilia are involved in the infamous story of forbidden love. The Caputlet and Montague feud harms many before it is all done.

Forbidden love is often the most desired. This tale is one which touched my heart as a reader of Romeo and Juliet.


There is an uncomfortable feeling when Karl is in the room with the woman in this story. She is not sure why, but the feeling is there.

I like a man who is confident and sure of himself. When a man is confident, he has a greater capacity for satisfying his partner.

Stalkers For Hire

Amber meets Cameron through Attentives, Inc., a company who provides stalkers to people to, well, stalk their clients. Crossing the lines is all part of the fun for this couple.

This is an interesting idea. Not one many people would think of.

The Will of a Slave

Queen Parra choses a slave, Leonid, to be her new consort. Leonid refuses to dishonor his marriage vows.

This one in particular caught my interest. Leonid is able to seduce Queen Parra by playing hard to get.

Nate and Erica Write a Sex Scene

Nate and Erica are working on a scene for Nate's latest romance novel. Though it takes hours of typing and deleting, the two are happy with the finished product.

The scene this couple writes is hot and steamy. I'm just not into sci-fi love scenes.

Summer's Fantasy

Aimee Connolly and Summer Clarke meet at Old Town Square Days. A few meetings and a rainy afternoon turns into an encounter neither will forget.

This is a story that is sexy and sad all at the same time.

Professor Chambliss

Lydia Gideon is a business major who needs to take a psychology class to fulfill her requirements. Professor Richard Chambliss has been rated five stars by various students, so Lydia decides to take his class.

This is a good story. Who among us has not had a crush on a teacher?

Women Love Vampires

Seth meets Lacey in a bar and works hard to convince her that he is a vampire. A few drinks, a couple of orgasms, and a trip to his car has Lacey discovering the truth.

Very dark, yet extremely sexy, this is one rocked my world.

"Kiss Me" and Other Commands

Bixby Buxton is eighteen and has never really kissed a girl. A pop-up on his computer screen one evening convinces Bix that he has the power to command women to do his bidding.

I do not agree with the way he uses his new power, but this is a very sensual tale.

Each of these stories is seductive and sensual without being overtly so. The overtones are gentle and soft instead of blatantly thrown in your face. Ms. Laurence allows her words to paint an image in the reader's mind with just a few suggestive hints. The reader's imagination is allowed to take over where the story stops. What a wonderful collection of erotic romance with a slightly darker twist than most. This book belongs on the shelf of anyone who is a fan of this genre.

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