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ISBN# 0-9778722-3-8
March 2006
Living Beyond Reality Press
148 pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


Loreste, a mermaid, has always been curious about humans. Hunter studies marine life. Hunter is also feared by the merfolk; his ability to catch sharks is legendary.

A mermaid is intrigued by a marine biologist with a fearsome reputation among her kind. He is not nearly as fearsome as his reputation suggests and though they are different species, a connection is formed.

This is a nice tale of an improbable love between a man and a mermaid. Loreste and Hunter are both likable characters with secrets from their loved ones, who find a sort of happiness together.

The Queen’s Lady and Her King

Anslyn is the daughter of a poor but reputable lord. She has been in love with the King since she met him as a small child. The king is required to marry for the sake of his kingdom, not love, but hopes that love will grow.

A poor noblewoman has the opportunity to become lady in waiting to the wife of the king she has adored since childhood. She wishes him happiness, but he will not find it with his wife, and she has too much honor to betray either of them.

This is a great story of three people in an untenable situation. The king and queen do not love each other and have not consummated the marriage. Since heirs are the only reason that they are together, this is a problem. Anslyn is caught between the two of them, but her true loyalty lies with the king she loves and will do anything to protect.

The Guy From Beadsville

Melanie takes a second job doing the books at Beadsville to finance a vacation to Hawaii, she never expects to fall in love with her new boss, Tom. Tom and his son have been alone since his wife left them years before, but his son, business, and running keep him relatively happy.

Melanie is not what Tom expects in an accountant and he finds that he needs her for more than business reasons.

Melanie and Tom are great characters, very different, yet they fit together well. This story of their developing romance is a good one.

The Frontier

Rebekkah is trapped in a loveless marriage to a bitter man. Jed will never accept their new life after the destruction of Earth. He disdains the natives of the planet. One day he commits an unspeakable act that changes all of their lives forever. Raniwa knows that Rebekkah is different than most of the settlers, and when her husband is marked for death he is determined to save her and make her his own.

The settlers from Earth and the native residents of the planet have been at odds since the settlers arrived. One night the conflict erupts in violence, and Rebekkah and her family will not survive without help.

Raniwa and Rebekkah are very sympathetic characters, and Rebekkah definitely deserves more than Jed in her life.

The Seduction of Squire Meg

Meg has defied convention by working with her father at his blacksmith’s forge. When the famous Sir Peter, The Black Knight, asks that she become his squire, she defies convention again to work for the handsome young knight. Peter knows that Meg feels he is far above her socially, but she does not know everything about him.

Squire Meg loves her job as the young knight’s squire, and she loves Sir Peter. Sir Peter is the Queen’s Champion and the most famous knight in the land, but what he really wants is Meg’s love.

This story of an unconventional couple in medieval times is very contemporary in feel, and the characters and scenery are vivid. This is a great story.


Lindy is a young woman with an unreasonable boss, but a secret online love life with a man who shares her love of The Phantom of the Opera. Kyle is leading a double life, he is in love with Lindy, but is unable to express it in person.

Lindy is having an online affair with a person named the Opera Ghost. Kyle, as OG, the Opera Ghost, is able to tell Lindy everything he feels for her.

This is a cute story of two rabid Phantom fans that connect on line, but have a hard time connecting in their real lives at work.

The Verity of the Vampyre

Emily longs to be a writer and spends much time alone. She has become obsessed with the idea that vampires exist. Oliver, a friend of her brother-in-law’s, is immediately as drawn to her as she is to him. Oliver is very mysterious, but is he Vampyre?

A lonely young woman with an interest in vampires and their lore meets a man who seems to fit all the criteria. She finds herself falling in love with the mysterious businessman anyway.

The author does a great job stringing the reader along in this one. Is Oliver a vampire or not, you will have to read it to decide.

This is a wonderful collection of stories. Each one tells a complete story leaving no cliffhangers or loose ends. The characters are wonderfully written and very likeable. The love scenes are erotic and tasteful, never crude. These are truly love stories and should appeal to almost any reader.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books