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ISBN: 978-1-58749-683-7
September 9, 2008
Awe-Struck E-books, INC.
284 pages
Sci-fi Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Kira Delaney feels like she has lost her whole world. Now she is hiding aboard the Solar Wind not sure what to expect. She knows Zeke does not have great feelings towards her but he looks like her only option for help. She just has no idea of what is going to happen between them on such a small ship.

Zeke Slater has his plans in line. He just cannot fathom what to do with a stow-away. Things seem way too off for him but he is not sure he can believe Kira and what she is saying. He has a difficult time believing her and no matter how much he wants to dump her off at the next post, there is something there that he cannot quite shake.

Being a privateer on the side has had its risks, but now someone else’s life is on the line. Zeke struggles with her being around but trouble comes in her wake. Needing to know the truth and hearing it are two different things for Zeke. Kira must get him to understand that she is not after anything but finding out the truth with what happened to her father. Now they must work together or it may all go wrong.

This book seemed to start so slowly. I was not even sure how to follow the characters and their way of thinking. Eventually Ms. Lee was able to express very fluently their feelings and the conflict both Kira and Zeke were dealing with. I was impressed with the world that she created in this book and would love to see more about not only Kira and Slater but the Banner family as well. Though this author is relatively new to the writing world, I have to say this is a good start and that there can only be improvement.

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