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ISBN: Unavailable
November 2008
New Concepts Publishing
140 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Raine Brinsley has just lost her parents in a terrible accident and is stuck with no funds hundreds of miles from her home in Maine. She is worried about her future.

Derek Stafford is the second son of his family and a very successful owner of many ships, businesses and a plantation. His father is determined that one of his sons father a son to carry on the family name.

Raine is caught in an impossible situation. She is in Virginia, her home is in Maine. Her parents have been killed in a tragic accident at sea, and she is in a strange place with no way of getting back to her elderly and frail grandfather. Derek Stafford offers her a devil’s bargain; give him a son and he will give her ten thousand dollars and passage home. Raine is desperate and feels that she has no choice, and on top of that she is attracted to Derek. Derek’s late wife killed herself after she was unable to provide him with a child, and her spirit haunt the house trying to find justice.

This is an interesting story with a very sad ghost. Lucinda wants to get the revenge she was unable to in life and relies on Raine to find out the truth for her. Derek and his father are better than the dissolute Lyman, but both are spoiled and determined to get their own way no matter what. I loved Crete and Old Henry, the servants; they are great characters with a lot of depth. The author has captured the essence of post-Civil War Virginia and the people who live there. The rocky love story and the evil plot of the elder brother are gripping. Raine and her grandfather are very sympathetic characters, as is Elne Stafford. This is a very enjoyable story that just flew by.

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