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ISBN: (13)9780373693870/ (10)0373693877-Paperback/ 9781426830099-eBook/ 9780373888948-Large Print
March 2009
Intrigue, an imprint of Harlequin
Paperback/eBook/Large Print
$4.99 (US) $5.99 (CAN)-Paperback/$4.50-eBook/ $5.75-Large Print
217 Pages
Suspense & Adventure; Kenner County Crime Unit Miniseries
Rating: 5 Cups

Griffin Vaughn owns VaughnTec and, as he is a well-known technology developer with tons of money, he must watch out for women who want him only for his money. This is especially true since he has a son, three-year-old Luke who is everything good in his life.

Sophie LaRue knows she must stop fantasizing about her boss, since every time she does something happens, like spilling hot coffee all over some very important papers. Since she has a past she wants to stay hidden, Sophie knows she must learn to get over her feelings so Griffin will not discover exactly who she is.

On a trip to oversee how his future vacation home is developing, Griffin and Sophie become stranded. First an accident that Griffin is not sure really was just that, and then a horrendous blizzard trap them together. With the temperature freezing outside, the mansion soon begins to heat up with the attraction that sizzles between Sophie and her boss. The need for survival kicks in as Griffin and Sophie work as a team, getting what items they will need for the long blizzard nights, even as a killer waits in the shadows to eliminate anyone that gets in the way of his own agenda.

From the very beginning Ms. Andersen had me in the spellbinding tale of Griffin and Sophie. Snowed in with the Boss tells the tale of how two people, scarred from their pasts in very different ways and both raised differently, can come together and survive anything. Seeing Griffin affected by his money and relationships in such a bad way was quite realistic, and though it was sad, it was also quite entertaining for my reading enjoyment. Sophie is the type of heroine I love to read about, the underestimated fighter who beats all the odds and comes out on top. With nail-biting scenes, a steamy sex scene, and a bad guy who cannot be figured out until the end, is it any wonder why I loved this book so much? It is just plain fantastic and fascinating!

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