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ISBN#: 978-1-897560-06-8
November 2008
Blade Publishing
98 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Cassidy is looking forward to this ski trip with her longtime boyfriend Rick. She sees this as a hopeful sign, since she was the one who wanted to go on this particular trip and the very controlling Rick usually insists on having his own way.

Daniel has always enjoyed his ski trips. The owners and staff of the resort were just like family, very comforting in the eighteen months since the death of his fiancée. A one woman man, he is not ready for another relationship just yet.

When Cassidy is abandoned by her boyfriend at a remote ski resort, her first instinct is to pack up and go home, but the owner of the resort convinces her to stay and enjoy the trip. Sandra fancies herself a matchmaker, and she notices the attraction between Cass and her favorite guest Daniel. The loss of his fiancée in a hiking accident has left him very much alone, and Sandra thinks Cassidy is the perfect remedy for what ails both of them.

This is an entertaining and quick read. Cass is dating the emotionally abusive Rick, who does not appreciate her and constantly belittles her. Daniel is the complete opposite for the most part, but even he tends to jump to conclusions. Cass grows up a lot during the story and learns to stand up for herself, and an avalanche throws the two together to work out their problems. The characters and the setting are perfect for the story and the author is obviously no stranger to the ski slopes. I really liked Cass and Daniel as well as Sandra and the coffee shop manager Debbie. I only wish Rick was made to pay for his actions, he is truly despicable.

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