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ISBN# (13) 978-1-60370-292-8/(10) 1-60370-292-X
February 5, 2008
Torquere Press
115 Pages
Gay erotic romance, contemporary
Rating: 4 cups

Asher Munro is an English professor and openly gay man. He also voraciously fights for gay rights.

Nathaniel Holden is a cop and single father to Ellie, a young college student. He is in the closet and has been for twenty plus years, with no intention of ever coming out.

When Ellie brings a threat note her English professor Asher has received to her father, she does so knowing that it is not something to be taken lightly. Nathaniel, wanting to help the man he is highly attracted to, makes a point of talking to Asher about the situation, but does not do much more. However, when Ellie calls Nathaniel after finding Asher injured in his office, the victim of an attack, Nathaniel wishes he had done more. Once everyone begins taking the threat seriously, Nathaniel is assigned to be Asher’s bodyguard until the culprit can be caught. Can he keep the attraction and strong feelings he has for Asher under control long enough to keep him safe? Or will the attacker get the last and final word?

Sleeping With The Past is great romance! Ms. Ryan is a master at drawing out the sexual tension to such a fine point that the reader wonders if the string will snap or just keep pulling tighter. The characters are real in a way that only a seasoned author could pull off, making the story that much more enjoyable. However, the true jewel of this book is that it is all about the romance first and foremost; anyone can write a hot sex scene but when an author manages to combine deep and abiding emotional love with sizzling sex, then that author has my undivided attention. This book has been added to my virtual favorites shelf, and I highly recommend it!

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