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ISBN# 9780553586008
May 2007
Bantam Dell
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019
384 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Riley Crain is a member of the Special Crimes Unit, a psychic, and an expert on all things occult, but even she is spooked when she wakes up covered in blood with no memories of what happened the night before.

Ash Prescott is the local D.A. working the other side of the law with, and sometimes against, Riley. When she wakes up after her lost night, their relationship has progressed much faster than she would have believed possible. Can she trust him?

Jake Ballard is the sheriff on Opal Island and happy to get Riley’s help on a case that is fast growing out of his control. He would not mind if she decided to stay on after it was solved either.

The latest in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Series features Riley Crane, who was sent to Opal Island because of reports of dangerous occult activity. Sheriff Jake Ballard is glad for the help, and her company. Her ex-Army friend, Gordon, is soon her only link to reality and sanity when she mysteriously loses her memory and he, along with Bishop and Ash, all want her off the case. However, Riley knows that she can solve the murder if she can figure out just who her friends are. The old adage keep your friends close and your enemies closer, may save her life or it just might get her killed.

Sleeping with Fear is a taut, dark, and gritty read that keeps you guessing just who Riley should and should not trust up until the end. The paranormal elements in the book are not over the top, but woven into the story in such a way the reader begins to accept them as real. Riley is a cop first, psychic second, which is something that makes all of the books in this series work. The Bishop Series is one of my all time favorites and this one, despite the fact that Bishop’s appearances were phoned in, was just as thrilling and enjoyable as the rest. Riley is a strong, yet vulnerable heroine who readers will love.

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