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ISBN#: 978-1-60435-185-9
November 2008
Red Rose Publishing
318 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Laila was not looking forward to her upcoming marriage, but would rather that than to be kidnapped and sold as a slave in Constantinople. The beautiful Egyptian girl is not suited to life as a slave.

Kudar is the son of the Sultan’s ambassador and an architect. Very wealthy, both he and his father each have a harem. Kudar has never wanted for anything and is denied nothing. His father wishes him to marry, but he is not ready to give up his freedom yet.

One day Laila was lamenting her upcoming marriage in her favorite thinking spot and the next she is chained on a ship taking her into slavery. Her adventures have only just begun. First she is sold to a selfish and wealthy young woman, accused of thievery and beaten; she ends up in the harem of Kudar al Amun, where she becomes his favorite. Harem politics and the custom of a man having many women torment Laila, who has fallen in love with Kudar. Their romance can only lead to heartache and worse for Laila.

This story has an unusual setting for a historical romance. A Turkish harem is not the most romantic place for a woman, unless they like being one of a crowd. I felt for Laila, a slightly spoiled young woman who does not deserve any of the things that befall her. She is a bit spoiled and naïve but likable. Kudar, despite having an English mother, is as unfeeling about women’s feelings as his horrible father. An example would be his planting of the stolen ring in Laila’s bag; exactly what did he think would happen to her? She was lucky she survived! I never really warmed up to his character at all. The others were unpleasant in varying degrees, Kudar’s mother is just more or less an exotic doormat to the father, and Vashti is pretty awful. The love scenes were well written and the setting very well described. Laila has plenty of excitement and adventure during her stay with the Turks.

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