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ISBN#: 9780312379506
June 2008
St. Martins/Minotaur
175 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10010
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Lt. Sarah Armstrong is a Texas Ranger, a widow, and a mother. Working in a male-dominated agency has made her tough, and circumstances have made that a good thing this year.

The killer thought that he was in the clear until Sarah makes her opinions known. Now, intrigued, he focuses on Sarah and her family as his next targets.

Profiler Sarah Armstrong is called to Galveston to investigate a brutal and bizarre murder. A prominent and wealthy man has been found murdered with his purported lover, but Sarah feels that there is something not quite right about the case. The police have targeted the victim's estranged wife as the killer, but Sarah is not convinced. Her determination to find the real killer causes herself and her family to be placed firmly in the killer's sights.

This author has written some true crime books before turning to fiction and it is evident throughout the book. The author has a good grasp of police procedure and the politics that happen between agencies, in this case local, state, and federal, along with the personality conflicts between the various investigators. She also has great insight into the psyche of a killer and uses it to eerie effect here. And added to this, she has created very real and sympathetic characters that could walk right off the page. Sarah and her daughter are coping with the loss of Sarah's husband, along with trying to evade a murderer. Sarah is an unusual character with many facets and more to come, especially in regard to profiler David Garrison. This is an intriguing mystery with many twists and turns, a little gory at times, but impossible to put down. Sarah is a new favorite investigator for me and I will be looking for the next mystery when it comes out.

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