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ISBN: 9780061730214/9780061780332/9780061910630
May 2009
Green Willow Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Hardcover/ Library/
$17.99 U.S. / $21.99 CAN-Hardcover/$18.89-Library/$17.99-eBook
352 Pages
Ages 14 And Up
Rating: 5 Cups

Ai Ling lives in fear of the day she will have to marry a man she does not love. After her father leaves on a journey to the Emperor’s palace, the young girl and her mother are approached by a disgusting businessman. He states that Ai Ling’s father is indebted to him, and he will forgive all debts if the beautiful daughter marries him and becomes his fourth wife.

Chen Yong is on a journey himself, trying to find information about his birth parents. Adopted at a very young age, he is loved by his parents but feels the sting of rejection because he is of two different races.

Deciding that she cannot stay and marry the nasty man, Ai Ling chooses to find her father who has been gone for many moons now. On the way to the palace, she meets up with Chen Yong and his brother Li Rong, and finds herself intrigued by the handsome young men. Soon it is apparent that strange things are happening when mythical creatures attack the three young travelers. When Ai Ling finds herself among the gods and goddesses of the universe, she is told she is on an important mission, one that will pit her against an evil empress willing to kill to stop her journey and an evil advisor who has the power to consume souls and be everlasting.

Silver Phoenix is a fantastic journey of self-discovery, young love, and true hardship; Ms. Pon’s debut novel is an epic story that will take you to mystical lands and have you fighting unbelievable creatures. A cross between Jason and the Argonauts and Mulan, this tale is an amazing depiction of how a woman thought to be of little consequence is in reality the one who can save us all. This truly inspiring novel will remind us all that sometimes there are forces out there that are stronger than our will, guiding us in all we do. This story of survival will amaze you, break your heart, and give you hope, leading to a very entertaining and incredible expedition.

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