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ISBN# (10) 1-4201-0363-6 / (13) 978-1-4201-0363-2
November 2008
Zebra Books/Kensington Publishing Corp
850 Third Ave, 16th Floor New York, NY 10022
$7.99 US /$10.99 CANADA
400 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Silver Bells

Amy Lee has often wondered what her life might have been like if her parents were never killed. She sometimes wishes that she could just go home to escape the superficial life she lives in Hollywood for the one she used to live in Pennsylvania as a young girl.

Hank Anders is headed to his brother’s house to help his sister-in-law with the twins for the holidays since his brother will be in Iraq during the holidays. But when she deserts him at the airport with the twins, he has no clue how to cope.

Amy finally feels she must face the past and heads “home” to Pennsylvania. Only running into Hank again and losing a special neighbor makes the holiday bittersweet and makes for some Christmas Magic.

Silver Bells is sweet and tender, yet filled with many emotions on many levels. A realistic and humor filled story that is just right for the holidays.

Dear Santa

Holly Berry is a mystery author on her way to do some research for a book she is writing when the weather starts to turn bad and she swerves to avoid what she thinks to be a reindeer and ends up in a huge mess. All she can do is hope someone will find her before she freezes to death.

Gabriel O’Halloran finds Holly stranded and is instantly attracted to her. He offers her help and takes her to the small town of Santa’s Village where he is now the owner of an Inn. But as time slowly creeps toward Christmas, he is trying to find anything he can do to convince Holly that they should be together.

Falling into a pre-made Christmas town is so not what Holly had ever dreamed of, but the folks of this town, Gabe and his daughter, and a few other family members are convinced that this is where the mystery writer should be.

Children’s wishes, instant attractions, a bit of humor and loads of the Christmas spirit make this a definite holiday read.

Christmas Past

Nicole Piper, a photographer, is just starting to get her life together after a brutal marriage to a jealous man who would rather see her dead than free from him. The only things keeping her going are her daughter and her best friend. But the past is about to touch her with icy hands once again.

David Ayden is a widowed homicide detective with two boys. He has slowly adjusted to his new life as a single dad. He even finds himself falling for Nicole when he meets her, but she backs away. He can only hope that someday she will be ready.

Nicole needs David’s help to unravel a mystery that has been set in motion by her dead ex-husband and both their lives are in danger. Not to mention the connection they feel to one another, Nicole is unsure she can ever commit after her past, and David wants more than just an affair. Will they survive this mess to even see if a future can be made between them?

Very suspenseful! Crazy, jealous people reaching out to remove all happiness from other lives. Excellent characters with such a range of emotions all make this a great read.

A Mulberry Park Christmas

Alyssa Ridgeway, with her two children, has just moved back into her childhood home after a divorce. It is the holiday season, yet everything that could go wrong has and she is finding it hard to get into the holiday spirit even for her kids.

James “Mac” MacGregor is cleaning out and readying a house he inherited from a friend. He noticed someone has moved into the home of his old girlfriend, Alyssa. He offers to help an older neighbor by dealing with the new neighbor's young boy who seems to be a troublesome young thing or is he?

After finding out the identity of the new neighbors, Mac finds himself knee-deep and involved with Alyssa, her two kids, and the “cranky” old neighbor. He now wants to stay in this small community, but will there ever be a chance to be a part of Alyssa’s future when her ex-husband comes back in the picture?

Sentimental. Sweet. A Mulberry park Christmas has all the makings of an honest to goodness love story. Nothing fake, just real emotions. Excellent characters to easily relate to. My favorite out of this collection.

Each one of these stories in itself is a “feel-good” romance that will delight the reader. Combined in one book, you have a powerhouse read. These authors have given of themselves to offer a reader the chance to capture a little Christmas Spirit and maybe their own miracle this holiday season. Buy one for yourself and one for a gift.

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