ISBN#:  1-93286-5-6
December 2004
Triskelion Publishing
158 Pages

It is not every witch that lives in an old apartment building that sheds plaster, and rattles
the crystal when a bus passes by.  Lavinia Jones, also known as Lavinia Juniper Jones,
is the lucky resident, and owner, if she can just finish her doctorate in poetry before the
will's deadline.  The real problem is that she needs to find the Stone of Redemption.  
The ritual associated with the Stone is reported to be the key to Lavinia's thesis.

One tall problem that Lavinia has to deal with is the owner of the best pair of cowboy
boots that Lavinia has seen in a long time.  Ian Harper is a magician in his own right.  
He is also a lawyer from Beverly Hills with an agenda concerning the Stone of
Redemption.  The fact that Lavinia is interested in the wearer of those boots just
complicates everything.

Pagan rituals, a coffee connoisseur, very strange friends and neighbors, and magic,
make for a lively story line.  Fiona MacLeod has produced a real winner.  The
characters are credible and the plot has interesting side roads.  Check out this
entertaining jewel.  You will want to read it again and again.

Brenda McCoy
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books