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ISBN# 978-1-60272-201-9 (Electronic)/ 978-1-60272-952-0 (Paperback)
Amber Quill Press
PO Box 265, Indian Hills, CO 80454
E-book /paperback
422 Pages
Romance / Fantasy / Time Travel / Romantic Comedy
Rating 4 Cups

Marian Allanson has a past she would like to forget. The only thing that seems to help her get through it is her dream of the mythical Robin Hood and wishing that he loved her. Then fate throws her a curve by sending her and Orlando Konstantinos, a street kid that happens to frequent the bookstore where Marian works, on a journey to a far away place; the infamous Sherwood Forest of centuries ago.

Lord Roland of Hunterdon has many secrets that, if they get out, can be the death of him. He is Marian’s husband by a forced marriage. Only, what things look like on the surface may not be what is real. He truly loves Marian, but he cannot get her to trust him, as she seems to be torn between loving him and Robin Hood.

As many times as Marian finds herself in dangerous situations, someone in the shadows is always there to help her out. She is torn between loving two men. As tension and danger heat up around Roland and Marian, the secrets and truths are revealed along with many surprises. With the answers come many questions too. What will become of the marriage between Roland and Marian? Where is Robin Hood, or better yet, does he really exist? And what happened to Orlando? He has been missing since they landed in Sherwood Forest.

Sherwood Charade is an absolutely intriguing twist on the old Robin Hood classic. You will find in Sherwood Charade a well-written story with exceptional characters bringing their colorful personalities to the forefront. It captures your attention from the beginning. Twists and turns keep you hanging on until the last word. Ms. Riser sends you on a thrilling mind vacation that you will not soon forget. I highly recommend this new read by Ms. Riser.

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