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ISBN# 9781906328078
May 2007
Total-e-bound eBooks
32 Pages
Fantasy Historical
Rating: 3 cups

Sherlock Holmes is the great detective written about by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He is enamored with his new lover Irene Adler.

Irene Adler is an American opera singer and she is in love with Sherlock almost from their first meeting. However, she knows his reputation and has little hope that he will have the strong feelings she is coming to have for him.

When Sherlock and Irene meet again after a long separation, Irene is afraid to trust in Sherlock especially since she knows he is there for a picture she is threatening the King of Bohemia with giving to his fiancé; the picture is of she and the king. She is aware that the man has contracted Sherlock to get the picture. Will Sherlock be able to get the picture from Irene? Will he admit to both her and himself how he really feels? Only time will tell.

Sherlock the Seducer is a candid look at a fictional character that we all know and love. I will bet the original creator of Sherlock’s character never thought of sharing this side of Sherlock’s life with his beloved public! This story, written in diary form, is told from both Sherlock’s and Irene’s viewpoints giving the reader an interesting look into the life and times of people living in the Victorian era. Even the sexuality is couched in terms that you would associate with the Victorian age. If you enjoy reading about bygone eras then you will want to read Ms. deMello’s fun look into the love life of Sherlock Holmes.

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