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ISBN# (10) 0-373-80248-X and (13) 978-0-373-80248-7
October 1, 2006
233 Broadway, New York, NY 10279
$14.95 U.S./$18.95 Canada
448 Pages
Romantic Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Valeria must save the Aurelian Empire as once again it is in grave danger. She is surrounded by pressures not only with attacks of sorcery against the soon-to-be Empress but with much risk and conspiracy that she must live to overcome.

Kerrec is the father of Valeria’s child and since the Empress is sterile, the child he has with Valeria will be the heir.

Euan is the Barbarian Prince that Valeria loved. He would like to make her his Queen.

Valeria cannot wait to ride again but first she must give birth to her child. She wishes to do everything in her power once again to save the Empire. She is a powerful horse mage and the first female to do so. Her lover, Kerrec is also most powerful. No sooner than their daughter is born, she and Kerrec leave for Aurelia so both riders and horses can do the dance that will form the future. Once they arrive, it is not as it seems and Valeria is in for more spells than she imagined. Euan has been fighting battle after battle and now after his ninth challenger who appeared to be the toughest; Euan knew he would be either high king or dead. He has not forgotten the love he felt for Valeria and doubts he ever will. When danger befalls her, he tries his best to reach out to her but as the threat of the Unmaking becomes a threat, not only to Valeria, but also to the whole empire, Euan and Kerrec cannot allow anything to happen to Valeria. The only concern is will the magic be too strong in overtaking her before it is too late for anyone.

Shattered Dance is filled with non-stop action and ambience that fill the reader with leaping sensations. I could not but be swept away in this saga as two lovers who wanted to be together had to remember the requirements of the empire while forgetting their longings and needs. Valeria, Kerrec, and Euan are remarkable characters that stand out in this wonderful romance filled with barbarians plotting against the Empire and killing riders. The emotions of Valeria and Euan as they thought of each other almost tore me apart inside, as I wanted to reach in and pull them together. Ms. Brennan’s style of writing leaves the reader breathless and places them almost in the middle of the Roman Empire as the festivities are taking place. She is a wonderful storyteller, and blends tales that captivate in this extraordinary story that makes the heart feel all the stirring sensations of all the incredible characters.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books