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ISBN # not assigned
May 2008
Forbidden Publications
116 Pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Shahzar, with her husband Roderick, is leaving her safe haven for a trip back to her home. She fears for her husband, as he straddles the line with both the light and dark side. It is a trip that Shahzar has very bad feelings about, but knows they must make.

Queen Ashandera of Klem's son and brother in law are trying to finish what her husband had started; the destruction of those who worship the goddess. They are even willing to stop the peace the queen is trying to make with Kaladia by killing her.

Choices will be made, lines will be crossed, and assassins will try to kill. With all this turmoil going on will there ever be peace among enemies? What will the future hold for Shahzar and Roderick as well as the fate of Queen Ashandera?

I hate to give a less than deserving review but I need to on this one. I was extremely lost, having not read the preceding books in this series. Not knowing if that was the case I tried to base the story alone. I found myself not understanding what was happening many times in the story. I had to re-read many pages in order to do that. I felt the story just lacked a smooth flow in the telling of it. However, this is just one opinion, another reader might totally enjoy this book. Use your own judgment.

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