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ISBN: unavailable
February 2008
Forbidden Publications
102 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Shahzar is happy in Roderick's arms. She would prefer to forget her life as Queen of Kaladia, but Ishas continues to call to her, even though she is far from home. Even at a distance, she can feel the advance of the Klemish forces upon her city.

Raynier is a bishop, not a king. But in Shahzar's absence, he is the one who must assume responsibility for Kaladia. He proposes a unique solution to the Klemish threat, to which even Irlecain agrees. Dalin must be stopped, at all costs.

Shahzar and Roderick's days of peaceful bliss are numbered. The shadows which Shahzar evoked have given her unlimited powers, but they have also lured in the Shan-Sei. Roderick seems powerless to resist, and Shahzar feels the danger to him increase with each passing day. Kaladia is in constant threat from Dalin and his forces. Raynier and Irlecain are doing everything in their power to save the city, but both long for the return of their Queen. Shahzar is being pulled by so many forces, all drawing her back to the city that holds her heart…in an icy grip. The choice—to stay or return—may no longer be hers to make.

Book Three in this series is very bittersweet. Shahzar is finally happy, but it is an ephemeral emotion. Her character is evolving into much more than the warrior that she started out to be. Raynier's character has also developed into a much stronger and commanding individual. They both find themselves with a tenuous hold on their control, and must struggle against battering forces. As this series unfolds, it wraps around you, and does not let go.

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