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January 2007
Venus Press
21 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Amanda Corey is a paranormal investigator. She has traveled to the home of Jeremiah, Lord Selby, to eliminate the curse that causes the men in his family to go insane. She feels that she will be able to help the very handsome young lord.

Jeremiah is terrified that he will go the way of his father and grandfather, becoming incurably insane and giving in to his most base desires. He believes that his great grandfather who committed a heinous crime before his death possesses him.

A Lord’s horrible attack on his daughter-in-law causes his descendents to be cursed. Each Lord Selby goes insane upon the death of his father. Jeremiah seeks the help of a beautiful young investigator to break the cycle, but she might suffer the ghost’s baser desires.

This is an intriguing premise; the ghost possesses his descendents making them as depraved as he was in life. I liked Jeremiah; he is honorable and horrified by the changes in his personality. Amanda is a little more confusing; she seems very professional at first but rapidly succumbs to Lord Selby’s charms. Things get a little disjointed here and there, but the plot and Amanda’s solution to the mystery make this an entertaining tale.

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