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ISBN# (10)1-59080-543-7 / (13)978-1-59080-543-5
June 2007
Echelon Press
9735 Country Meadows Lane 1-D, Laurel, MD 20723
E-book/ Paperback
Unavailable/ $13.99
251 Pages
Rating: 5 cups

Juliana Jordan, public defender, has been handed information by police officer, Jack Wilmont, which could prove the innocence of a man on death row. Besides working endless hour days on this case, she also has the stress of a pompous ex-boyfriend who will not take no for an answer.

Brenden McDaid is facing lethal injection for two murders he did not commit. Now that new evidence has come to light, he finally has hope after spending seven horrible years in prison. Juliana “JJ” Jordan steps into his life like a shining angel to save him.

At first JJ dismisses her attraction to Brenden as sympathy, but when she finds herself thinking about him constantly, she realizes it is much more serious. Brenden is feeling the same attraction but knows that JJ is way out of his league, and yearns to love and protect her. Meanwhile, Detective Wilmont follows the McDaid case but is busy investigating the suspicious suicide of a wealthy man.

Shadowplay is an absolutely fantastic novel. The plot is rich and exciting with the undercurrent of romance which makes for an original reading experience. I would describe this novel as a light, yet thrilling fusion of John Grisham and Nora Roberts. The dialogue is fantastic and the characters are all unique. The legal scenarios and prison scenes are very realistic. Ms. Shoup has done her research and it has paid off. All of this combined with her fabulous writing, Shadowplay shines!

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