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ISBN# (10)0758219903 / (13)978-0758219909
December 2007
Kensington Aphrodisia
850 Third Ave, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
320 pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 cups

The Devil Inside

Gina Devil is and artist, barrista, psychic, and free spirit. She has been dreaming about her soul mate for years. Now finally she meets him when he shows up in her coffee shop for a blind date with someone else!

Caleb Mann is determined to prove his ex wrong. She said that he was boring in bed. The workaholic construction company owner decided now to break out of his shell.

A case of mistaken identity leads to a night of scorching passion and the two of them never want to end. However, Caleb’s inability to believe anything he cannot see definitely gets in the way.

This is a fast moving and hot love story. Both characters are sexy, witty and impossible not to like. The love scenes are very very hot, and the conflict between the two makes the story even harder to put down.

Devil’s Jewel

Jewel Kattalis is a gypsy who is searching for her kidnapped sister Nadya. It seems a demon has taken her. Jewel’s mother set a poor example while Jewel Nadya while they were growing up. Because of this Jewel has stayed clear of relationships in the past. That is until she meets Angelo Devlin.

Angelo Devlin is security specialist whose firm deals mostly with the paranormal. A demon is trying to open a gateway to Hell so he and his partner Drake have been assigned to stop him. The teenage girl the demon has kidnapped and her sexy elder sister are complications he does not need.

A demon is intent on using a young girl to open a gateway to Hell. Angelo and his partner Drake join forces with a gypsy woman, Jewel, to defeat the evil one. Of course, Jewel has been trying to rescue her sister Nadya from the demon’s clutches.

I enjoyed this rather radical jump into the paranormal. Most of the characters from the previous story are in this one and we get to learn more about them. I look forward to seeing how Nadya grows up. Devlin is a unique hero who bakes cookies to relieve stress.

These are very good novellas and the characters are very well developed. The touch of the supernatural adds a lot to the stories. Drake and Nadya are two characters I would definitely like to read more about.

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