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ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-076-3
July 2007
Amber Heat
$ Unavailable
20 Pages
Futuristic Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Sara Anderson was about to get her husband back. Nicholas Anderson had a near fatal accident over a year ago. His body was ruined but his mind was kept intact in a lab at the Return To Me facility. His body may be different, but his mind would be the same. Or so she thought.

Tired of being lonely, and desperate for her husband to come home, the Return To Me facility offered her the opportunity of a lifetime. Once she chose a donor for her husband’s mind the transference could begin. She chose NA217-1979 aka Dace, with a similar build and looks he seemed like a great match. Dace (NA217-1979) had an aneurysm on his way home. He suffered massive brain damage but his body was in perfect condition to become a donor.

More than she could have ever hoped for. Dace awoke to a new reality. His mind was not just his own, but a jumble of mixed memories and feelings. Sara soon realized that it was not Nicholas that she longed for, but a husband and lover in the truest sense. Could Dace be that man for her?

This was a sensually beautiful love story. Sara fought to get her husband back and by opening her heart and mind, gained so much more. Dace wanted nothing more than to become a man that Sara could love and depend on. By forcing themselves to be honest with their feelings and desires, they forged a bond that went far beyond the physical. Intriguing, sexy, and romantic, I cannot wait to read more from Ms. Garza.

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