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ISBN# (10)0-06-072403-X/(13)978-0-06-072403-0
April 2007
William Morrow (An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
278 Pages
Mystery (A Henrie O Mystery)
Rating: 4 Cups

Henrietta Collins, Henrie, for short, never expected a call from Jimmy. The man had been a cherished friend, and lover. She once welcomed his calls, until his life took another road. His unexpected call looses her emotions. Then again she had been the one to decline his marriage proposal. One thing stayed the same; she still has a hard time turning Jimmy down.

James A. Lennox, Jimmy, still feels that Henrie O is the best reporter he has ever known. He knows she no longer teaches journalism or works in the newsroom, but none of that matters. Jimmy knows she has a knack for reading people and getting answers.

Henrie O is more than stunned when Jimmy phones. She hates to turn him down, especially since he is a good friend, and in need of help. Of course, she is not too pleased that he needs help with his spouse, Sophia Montgomery. She has been involved in a string of suspicious accidents and he feels someone is trying to kill her. Leading his list of suspects are her stepchildren from her previous marriage. He wants Henrie O to board an airline and head to the Baltic. It all sounds intriguing, but she has no money for a two-week cruise. Jimmy tells her the passage is all booked and paid for; all she has to do is get on the boat. Henrie O and Jimmy’s reunion is like a bridge over time. Jimmy’s respect for her is touching. As is Sophia’s confidence in both Jimmy, and their marriage, she trusts Henrie O because Jimmy does. So it distresses Henrie O as Jimmy lays out all of the “accidents” in Sophia’s life, including an attempted poisoning. So she studies the suspects, trying to determine which has the face of a murderer.

Set Sail for Murder is yet another fantastic adventure in the reporter’s life of Henrie O. In the seventh installment, Carolyn Hart sketches interesting characters that keep the story flowing consistently. The reader gets involved in all the twists and turns while following the numerous suspects that desire to harm Sophia. I admired how Henrie O kept her feelings for Jimmy in context, even though she often had thoughts of when they were together. I like the part where she recalled the pajamas she had given him as a gift. It was the little things that made the story an incredible joy to read. Ms. Hart is a great storyteller allowing the reader to feel the full force of the story. With a great plot and well-rounded characters, she makes feisty Henri O, one retired reporter that never gives up.

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