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ISBN# 1-59836-396-4
November 2006
Venus Press
71 Pages
Fantasy Erotic Romance
Rating: 2 cups

Serame has been Queen for four years and the only thing marring her happiness with her beloved King is the lack of children. Her faithful maid, the witch Aqualade, is determined to remedy this before the King’s Aunt Zira sends her away like she did the previous Queen.

Pol has been recruited by Aqualade to fulfill all his Queen’s needs, replacing her good friend Marius, whose massages have relieved her tension. He did not expect to get to know the Queen quite so well.

A potential political crisis arises when the King’s lack of an heir spurs his relatives to remedy the situation in another way. Those loyal to the Queen seek to help the situation in a way more beneficial to both King and kingdom.

This story has an interesting concept; a king unable to father an heir, but the story never quite gels. One wonders why a Queen of four years, trusted enough to be left to rule by her husband, is in fear of a woman who gets falling down drunk at public functions. She seems to have little protection from her brother-in-law. The situation with the Pleasurer also bothers me. Serame supposedly loves her King, adultery is usually treason, and she does not know that her husband is sterile. The sex scenes are adequate but not particularly exciting.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books