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ISBN # 0-9770437-5-4
April 2008
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203 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Julia Tayte, along with her husband and young son, has just moved into a small town in New Jersey, a far cry from city life. But soon strange things start to happen that put her and her family in danger. She discovers she has accidentally released an ancient curse.

Edwin Tayte is Julia’s husband and the new minister in town. Even though he loves her, he has a hard time believing what Julia claims she has seen and found near the pond. Trevor is the couple’s son who has felt the strangeness since they moved in and has been witness that what his mother says is true.

Instead of finding a relaxing, comfortable life, the Tayte’s find way more than they bargained for with the release of this curse. It turns the family upside down and life becomes stranger. But will they have a chance to fight the evil, or is it too late for them?

Seely’s Pond is a wonderfully spooky story. It has all the elements to keep the reader on the edge of their seat, biting their nails and wondering what will happen next. I was also pleased to see there is a second book coming out soon. It will certainly add more to the mystery and maybe put closure on the surprise ending of Seely’s Pond. This is a read you will not want to miss.

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