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ISBN# 978-0-06-117632-6
August 28, 2007
Avon Red/An Imprint of HaperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
310 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Maggie and Issac

Maggie Olvera is fed up with her husband. While she loves him very much, since he became CEO of his company and has been working hard to keep it in the black; he has had little to no time for her. She hopes this week away from everything will help them to bond again, but Issac has brought work with him.

Issac Olvera loves his wife very much but he has become obsessed with keeping his company out of the red and doing everything himself to keep it that way.

When Maggie becomes fed up with Issac’s behavior and makes him sleep in a separate room for one night, Issac knows that his marriage is in trouble. When Dolan, the resort’s maintenance man begins paying Maggie attention, Issac becomes very jealous which is something that has never happened to him before. Will he realize what a treasure he has in Maggie and do what he can to rectify his behavior or will he lose her?

A very hot read about a lovely married couple trying to put the spice back into their marriage. I enjoyed this story very much. The sex is hot and varied, and I really liked these characters.

Yvonne and Dolan

Yvonne Lowe is a super model and comes from wealth. While she can have any man she wants, she knows they are with her because of who she is and what she can give them, not because they genuinely want to be with her. On top of that she has this little problem of not being able to orgasm during sex.

Dolan LeBlanc is Belle on the Bend’s maintenance man, but prior to that he was a pro football player for the 49er’s. He loves Belle on the Bend and the quiet atmosphere and is not at all sorry about leaving the glamorous lifestyle of a pro football player behind. He is very attracted to Yvonne, but he has a rule about not getting involved with guests.

When Yvonne goes out to sunbathe by the river, she falls asleep and a storm moves in. Dolan gets worried about her, as he is finding he already cares about her, and goes looking for her. When he finds her nearly nude, one thing leads to another and Dolan finds that for Yvonne he just might be willing to break his own rule. Will he break his own rule and allow Yvonne into his heart? Or will he turn her away and leave them both lonely?

This was my favorite story out of the book. Yvonne and Dolan are very realistic characters with wonderful personalities. I enjoyed reading about how they worked on their issues.

Sara and Vince

Sara Fletcher is recently divorced from Vince Wagner. He was caught in bed with another woman, and while she still loves him, she will not tolerate infidelity.

Vince Wagner is a pro football player who gave in to his wife’s request for a divorce even though he did not want to. He still loves Sara, and is adamant that he did not sleep with the woman he was caught in bed with. He has no memory of how he got to that bed, and believes he was set up.

When Sara’s mother buys her a week at Belle on the Bend, Sara thinks it is the perfect opportunity to get away from all her problems and relax. Only she does not know that her mother has been working with Vince to get them back together and that Vince will also be arriving at Belle on the Bend. Knowing that Sara will have nothing to do with him if she sees him, Vince sets up an assignation and they spend the night together. Will Sara forgive him when she finds out about his deception?

The story line for this one is very good and realistic. I really identified with both Sara and Vince and how they felt about what had happened. The lovemaking is hot and I enjoyed reading about how these two settle their differences.

Belle and Mitch

Isabella “Belle” Patricelli is 160 years old though you would never know she was a day over thirty to look at her. The water in the well on her property has some interesting properties and works differently with everyone. For Belle it has stopped her from aging. Belle believes in soul mates and is still looking for hers.

Mitch Cavanaugh is a photojournalist and very attractive man. The first look he got of Belle has him wanting more.

While the attraction between Belle and Mitch is very mutual, Belle has no idea how to tell Mitch that she is far older than she looks. Since she can never leave Belle on the Bend, and her enchanted well for very long, she fears this and her true age might be a problem. Belle realizing she is truly in love for the first time, wants to tell Mitch her secret but will he believe her or walk away?

Belle is a wonderful character and I so enjoyed reading about her and her dilemma. Her kindness to her guests is stellar, and she is truly a wonderful woman. I thought Mitch was the perfect man for her, and was really happy to see that he had a brain in there after all.

Seduction’s Spell has four really stellar love stories that are well worth reading. The sex is hot and varied, and is accompanied by deep fulfilling emotional attachments as well which for me as a reader are a must. I liked the fact that each character and couple had their own personalities and issues. Sometimes with a book like this an author will write different stories, but the characters will all seem the same. This was not the case with Seduction’s Spell. This is one book you simply must have for your library!

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