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ISBN# 978-0595454952
August 2007
89 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 2 Cups

Kelly Edwards is an American woman who comes to Egypt on vacation. She has always wanted to visit, but the Egyptian government banned all tourism after the discovery of a hidden chamber under the Sphinx in 2012. Ten years later, they have finally opened their borders again.

Jeff Hunter is an American mathematician at a University in Boulder. One of his colleagues at the University, the head of the archeology department, enlists his help in translating stone tables found in the hidden chamber. As a result, Jeff soon finds himself in Egypt, where he and Kelly are thrown together.

Kelly and Jeff both have a mysterious linkage to the stone tablets, a linkage that surprises and shocks both of them. They are both attracted to the other but can their attraction withstand the charms of the handsome and determined Egyptian translator?

Secret of the Sands contains an intriguing premise regarding the nature of religion but it is poorly executed. If some of the concepts introduced were explored in depth, this could possibly be a better novel but most of the ideas are treated superficially. The same goes for the characters and as a result they are shallow and one sided. The novel tends to focus on Kelly, perhaps to its detriment. Little is done to develop her character and she comes across as shallow and weak, even shrill on occasion. Jeff’s character is more developed and comes across better, although still more could be done in this regard. The obvious American bias of the novel is also off putting; particularly given that most of the story is set in Egypt. The romantic triangle involving the Egyptian translator offsets this to a degree but it would have made the novel more interesting if the nationalities of the male leads were switched. The novel would also benefit from more stringent editing. In many cases the sentences are awkwardly written with incorrect punctuation, pulling the reader out of the story. This is never a good thing and given how weak the story is, it could turn off many readers.

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