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ISBN: 9781419912948
September 19, 2007
Ellora’s Cave Publishers
120 Pages
Shape Shifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Scout Windrider is a tracker and being raised by her grandfather Jededia makes her one of the best. She is angry and frustrated that his murder has never been solved and vows to do so herself. She signs up to tag mountain lions knowing that the killer will probably be among the trackers present.

Cole Russell is a ranger in the Rocky Mountains and knows the terrain very well. He hopes to team up with Windrider knowing they could win the lion tagging competition. He got his wish and so much more.

Scout only hoped that the guide they teamed her up with would not slow her down. She wanted to win the competition but she also wanted some answers to her grandfather’s murder. She and Cole become partners and every nerve ending in her body begins to thrum. He sets her body on fire and with one touch she knows they have a connection. Cole’s attraction to Scout is so intense it is scary, but somehow it just feels right to be with her. He is however a little unnerved with Scout’s abilities. She can sense things that no human could possibly know. The competition to tag lions soon turns into a manhunt to track a killer. Scout’s abilities develop into their full potential and she prays that Cole will be open minded enough to accept her for what she truly is.

I loved the way this story unfolded. From the very first line Scout was a woman her knew her mind and her body. She did not hesitate to let Cole into her life and never played games with his head. Cole was a true hero to Scout. His unwavering support and love was all she needed to fulfill her destiny. The passion between them was as wild and untamed as the lions they vowed to protect. Ms. Stone writes with so much passion the pages practically steam. I instantly became a huge fan and will definitely read everything she has to offer!

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