ISBN:  1-59279-289-8  
October 2004
Amberquill Press, LLC
270 pages
Paranormal Gothic

In 1804, Sophia Miller and her cousin Karl had traveled far to reach the Island of Rugen
in order to claim their inheritance from their grandfather.  Instead, what they found was
a rambling old castle with a legend guaranteed to send anyone in their right mind
running straight back to the mainland.  The legend involved a gypsy elder, a spell, and
the blood of a rabid wolf.  Their family had been cursed with the blood of the werewolf.

Peter Krieg also showed up, but why?  Where did he fit in?  How did he know so much
about the Old One, the gypsy shape shifter who made a blood deal for the first female
descendant of the Mueller family?  Why did he have a pistol with silver bullets?  Peter
was not the only question.  Gustav Shultz was the executor of the family estate; and he
had the coldest, clammiest hands.  Then there was the business friend who happened
to stop by, Mathias Haase.  What did he want?  Of course do not forget that
questionable tower with the wondrous instruments – instruments of torture that is.  Why
would her grandfather need a pillory, much less an iron maiden?  This story is not just
about inheritances!

Tracy Jones has gifted us with a fabulous story of wolves, ghosts, and other nasty
things that come out at night.  Her imagination is limitless.  She puts on paper one
knock-out story that not only provides non-stop entertainment but provides answers to
questions you did not know you had.  Ms. Jones’ books are a must for every home
library.  Do not buy all of them; I want a book or two for my library.  Scent of a Wolf was
fabulous.  I am saving more superlatives for her next books.

Brenda McCoy
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance