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ISBN # 1-4199-0312-8
November 2005
Ellora's Cave Publishing
125 pages
Shape-shifter / Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Because of the abuse Emily Scarlet suffered at the hands of her deceased husband, she does not have much trust or faith in men. Her decision to travel to Middlemarch on the "love train" is about having a good time at a dance. She has no intention of hooking up with a man other than for a little fun and games. When she is introduced to Saber, a sexy man with the most gorgeous green eyes she has ever seen, Emily is taken with him. But she is determined not to let desire stand in the way of her newfound freedom.

Saber Mitchell accompanies his younger brothers to the dance hoping to find suitable mates for both of them. Their recent antics have almost led to the discovery of the fact that they are shape-shifting panthers and he is determined to try to get them to settle down. He is not looking for a mate for himself, but when he meets Emily, he is totally smitten and cannot help but pursue her. Convincing her to stay with him is a much harder job than he had thought it would be, but he is determined not to give up. Emily is his mate and he will do all in his power to claim her.

As the plot unfolds, more details are revealed about the shape shifters of Middlemarch, adding more interest and helping the story to flow smoothly from one scene to the next. The fact that the shifters are panthers instead of wolves is a fresh change from the usual stories about lycanthropes. The New Zealand setting is nicely described and makes a wonderful backdrop for the developing relationship between Emily and Saber. Emily's situation as an abused woman is easily believable and touching. It is easy to see the
motives behind her actions. The way Saber handles the issues between them shows sensitivity and depth of emotion, while still allowing him to be a sexy Alpha male. The plot kept me enthralled and I enjoyed every page of this terrific book.

Saber and Emily are well-developed characters with fascinating personalities. The sexual tension between them sizzles and pops with a life of its own. The love scenes are hot and steamy with just the right amount of graphic detail. The supporting characters are nicely described, leaving me wanting to read more about them. I especially liked all of Saber's brothers. They were such sexy panthers that I hope we get to see them again in future books. Ms. Munro penned a sensational story of love that I am sure many
readers will enjoy as much as I did. Anyone who enjoys reading about sexy men who can shape shift should give Scarlet Woman a try!

Susan White
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More



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