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Alien Huntress Series

Book 1: Awaken Me Darkly
Book 2: Enslave Me Sweetly
Book 3: Red Handed
Book 4: Black Listed
Book 5: Savor Me Slowly
Book 6: Seduce the Darkness
Book 7: Deep Kiss of Winter
Book 8: Ecstasy in Darkness
Book 9: Dark Taste of Rapture

Gena Showalter Interview

ISBN #1416531637
January 2008
Pocket Books
1230 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020
384 pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Jason Tremain is waiting to die. He has been tortured brutally by his alien captors. If he doesn’t give them the information he knows and soon, Jason’s very eventful life will be over. He thought he had repented for his past sins by working as an Alien Investigational and Removal agent.

His newest torturer comes in the form of Marie. But Marie is not who she says she is. Marie is known as Mishka or rather her cold professional name Le’ Ace. She is a superhuman assassin who is part human, alien, robot and even animal. Her assignment is to break Tremain free and find out the information he holds dear at any cost.

Jason at first does not know what to think of his savior. One minute she is trying to save his life, the next she is threatening him if he does not tell her the information she needs. If she does not succeed, she will be punished. But as Mishka gets to know Jason better, she finds herself attracted to him in ways she has never wanted a man before. Soon Jason is wanting to protect his beautiful assassin and is will to work with her to take care of a new dangerous alien group who kills any human, male or female. It is a race against time for both Jason and Mishka and Jason tries to keep her alive so they can have a future together.

Only one word comes to mind when reading a book by Gena Showalter and that is wow. This third book in her futuristic Alien Huntress series does not disappoint. I was lost in this world of aliens, deception, and most importantly the scorching hot love affair between Jason and his incredible love Mishka. Showalter has written an incredible character of Mishka. She is so scarred and emotional cold because of her horrible past, that at some points I was holding back tears. She is afraid of being touched and needing love because of the consequences. Jason is a true alpha hero who has a tender side but is very much protective of this intriguing woman. The scenes were they compare scars and open up to each other about their pasts was very emotional. And when they fought along side of each other and had to constantly touch each other was too good for words. Savor Me Slowly is a near to perfect book as your can get. Along with two very well written hero and heroine, the secondary characters are as wonderful as well as a villain who is too evil for words. There is no doubt in my mind that Savor Me Slowly will be the book to read for 2008 and as always, Gena Showalter is the author to watch in whatever she writes.

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