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ISBN #: 978-0-307-35138-8
July 2007
Shaye Areheart Books/Crown Publishing/Random House
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
304 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Patrick is a psychologist. Ten years ago, when he was just starting out, a man named James Marsham was his patient briefly. He claimed to be afraid of the elevator at his office. Now the man’s wife Amy is in his office claiming an excess of happiness and wanting to relive a week ten years before.

Amy is about to open a new chapter in her life and to do this she must find closure for both her marriage and the worst week of her life.

One week in 1994 changed the lives of seven people. Cancer, the past, and the future all cause turmoil that will be resolved in a way not one of them dreams of. Each has their own story, but each is intertwined with the rest. Ten years later, Amy looks back on the events and people who changed her life.

This story is told in an interesting manner. Although the story returns over and over to Amy and Patrick’s sessions, the 1994 portion of the story is seen through the eyes of each of the characters and through their point of view. They are all very real characters, with faults and quirks as well as their good points. James and Archie have an extremely close friendship; Amy almost seems to be Archie’s wife in spirit as well as James’ in reality. The three are each going through a personal crisis that they are reluctant to share with the one closest to them, making for some confusion and hard feelings. The arrival of Amy’s estranged twin, Thea, who once had an affair with Archie, adds to the stress. The youngest sister Grace, a soap opera star, is an object of fantasy for all the men. The mother of the three is very self involved. Archie’s cancer crisis brings them all together until the next crisis. Amy’s visits to her husband’s psychologist are an effort to know what was happening in his life during that terrible week and seems to make them both uncomfortable until the end when her real purpose comes out. This is a hard book to describe and a harder one to put down.

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