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ISBN# (10): 0-373-26602-2/(13): 978-0-373-26602-2
June 2007
Worldwide Library Mystery (HQN)
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
$5.99 U.S./$6.99 Canada
315 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Deputy Johnny Hart is having a rough time. After a run-in with a bull during a rodeo event, he tries to get over the devastating accident. Recently divorced, he lands a job as deputy with the Kiowa County Police Department.

Barbara Gutierrez Hart felt she never had her own identity the years she was married to Johnny. It was always either Johnny’s wife or the children’s mother. After finishing law school she is an assistant district attorney.

Sandy Cross lives on the L-S with her grandpa, who is very protective of her. She has been through a rough divorce. When she meets Char, she feels an attraction.

Charles Sixkiller, Char, some say part Cherokee, knows Johnny from the rodeo days. Char was a bullfighter, Johnny a bronco rider. He pays Johnny a visit.

As a small town deputy with potential, Johnny feels there is not much left since his rodeo accident. Depression frequently sets in, as well as his regular consummation of alcohol. He is surprised when his good friend Char shows up to see him. Not long afterward, Johnny gets a report of missing animals and fences being cut. He pays a call to the owners of the ranch where Char meets the owner and his granddaughter, Sandy, when he tags along with Johnny. Johnny believes it was probably some teenage pranksters out riding around. In no time Johnny gets another report to go out and check on missing cows again. Char tags along since he wishes to see Sandy. They have made a connection to each other and Char hopes he can work around the ranch. Before long, Johnny receives more reports on missing cows. When some women are found mutilated the FBI suspect Char. Barbara informs Johnny the FBI has tapped his phone. Someone really wants to pin the killings on Char as it surrounds Native Americans and past history. Johnny believes Char is innocent and intends to prove it, whatever it takes.

From serial killers to missing animals, Sand Creek is an exciting ride into the west. The suspenseful storyline keeps the reader entertained until the dramatic conclusion. D.W. Linden gives his characters true grit and creates a visualization that stuns. I thought the storyline with Johnny struggling, with a low key job, compared to his adrenaline rodeo circuit showed his true essence. The reader can almost share in his disappointments, as well as those of Char’s. D.W. Linden fashions a story showing families faced with real harsh dilemmas. This page-turner is loaded in almost every element keeping the reader fixated to the pages. The realistic characters are often impressible, as they struggle with family separation, to loss, to trying to find oneself, in this thrilling mystery.

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