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ISBN# 1-59426-902-5
May 21, 2007
Phaze/An Imprint of Mundania Press
Price Unavailable
128 Pages
Futuristic Vampire M/M erotic romance
Rating: 4 cups

Scott is a vampire who is in love with Daniel, a human who hunts and kills his kind. He will do anything to be able to be with Daniel forever, even the one thing he knows Daniel will despise him for.

Daniel is a human vampire hunter who happens to be in love with someone who should be his mortal enemy, and yet somehow is not.

When Daniel is unable to defeat Morgan, a female vampire, during one of his many battles, she nearly kills him. Sadly, Scott does not arrive and kill Morgan until the murdering blow has been struck. Knowing he could very well lose Daniel forever if he turns him, Scott does so anyway, unable to bear the thought of a world without Daniel in it; even if it means Daniel does not stay with him. Will Daniel forgive Scott, or will they lose each other forever?

Sanctuary is gay romance at its very best! The love scenes are both tender and hot as hell. This reviewer spent many minutes in front of a fan while reading them. I savored reading about the emotions of Scott and Daniel and the feelings they have for one another, as well as the feelings they have for others they meet in the book. This couple is truly exceptional. The world building is supreme, though I wished that more had been explained about the disaster that wiped out so much of the population, and their technology. The very real emotions that Daniel feels at being turned into the very thing he hunts are so descriptive I had tears in my eyes at certain points. I am looking forward to acquiring the rest of this author’s books!

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